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Bülachhof 1-4

Located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Irchel, the Bülachhof 1-3 housing estate has its origins in a project competition. In addition to invited offices, young architects were also deliberately admitted to the competition. The aim of the ideas competition was to find cost-effective and user-friendly solutions which, together with the existing student housing estate at Bülachstrasse 1-13, would form an urban unit. The new building was to have architectural and urban development qualities and consist of an ecologically justifiable and solid construction. All these goals were achieved. The aspect of cost-effective realisation was taken into account not only in the choice of materials, but also in the conception of the increased operating and maintenance costs due to use and the form of efficient construction processes. The three buildings are accessed via arcades and the converted residential units have good lighting and communal areas, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere among the students of the settlement. Both buildings have their own roof terrace and lawns for free use.

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