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Do you have a suitable property? The Student Housing Foundation was established in 1987 by ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, the City of Zurich and the student housing cooperative as a non-profit foundation under private law. Through its foundation purpose of offering living space to students, the SSWZ makes an important contribution to strengthening the attractiveness and quality of Zurich as a university location. Furthermore the Foundation attaches great importance to very central locations for its properties. The distances between the student residences and the ETH/UNI universities are a maximum of 30 minutes by public transport. The building design, size and number of rooms and common areas make up the optimal student residence. The inner-city housing shortage has been noticeable for years and accordingly the search for potential properties for student housing is a great challenge. Are you an investor interested in supporting the SSWZ in its foundation purpose? Are you looking for a co-investor for your site development or do you own real estate that would be ideal for student housing? Contact us directly.


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