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Bülachstrasse 1-13

The Bülachstrasse development was realised based on the findings of the Rebhüsliweg 1-5 development, which had been realised a few years earlier specifically for student housing. The similarities between the two projects can be seen, among other things, in the vertical access to the flats and in the choice of roof shape. Despite the considerable size of the building, which offers space for 266 students, a cosy atmosphere was created with the green inner courtyards, the generously equipped outdoor areas and the charming roof terraces. The facilities for students are rounded off by several music rooms and an in-house bar run by students. In addition to living space for students, there will also be room for local businesses and a crèche. Bülachstrasse 1-13 is the second largest property in the SSWZ portfolio.

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